Onsigen s.r.o., based in Slovakia, provides customized services to all types of clients dealing with PSA systems.

Onsigen s.r.o. is focused on PSA oxygen and nitrogen systems, turnkey supplies, service and maintenance of on-site PSA generators. Our people have many years of experience in the production, development and servicing of PSA generators worldwide. Our main goal is providing effective, reliable and affordable solutions for each customer.

Onsigen s.r.o. offers stand-alone, skid mounted units, systems installed in the container or frame. The generator can be used together with a high pressure compressor, filling stations or as a back-up system, if necessary. In-depth understanding and experience with PSA technology allows us to provide exceptional services to both domestic and international clients.

PSA technology

      Onsigen generators use the pressure swing adsorption process (PSA process). It is used to separate Oxygen molecules from air – Oxygen generators or Nitrogen molecules from air – Nitrogen generators.

        When the pressure is lowered, the gas is adsorbed and released to the exhaust.

       Onsigen basically using two adsorbent vessels that allow near-continuous production of the required gas. It also permits pressure equalization, where the gas leaving the vessel which is being depressurized is used to partially pressurize the second vessel. This results in significant energy savings and also prolongs the lifetime of the adsorbent.

OXYGEN production principe

      The Oxygen generator is composed of two sep­aration vessels filled with molecular sieve adsorbers (Zeolite). As clean and dried compressed air pressur­izes one vessel, the nitrogen becomes retained by the molecular sieve and the oxygen goes straight to the oxygen buffer. Once the vessel ap­proached nitrogen saturation, the process switches to the second vessel and the adsorbed nitrogen in the first vessel is released to the ambient air.

NITROGEN production principe

      Nitrogen generator  is also composed of two separation vessels, but is filled with carbon molecular sieve (CMS) oxygen is adsorbed in molecular sieve and Nitrogen is passing through CMS to the nitrogen buffer.



Service is a base of the success. The only way to keep your system efficient is the production without unnecessary downtime, therefore, each device must work properly. Regular maintenance is crucial for extending the lifespan of equipment and elimination of accidental, unexpected and expensive downtime.
Onsigen will help you to keep your equipment in first-class condition. Proper service and maintenance will always pay off. Our skilled team will provide great support, find necessary parts and solve all existing problems.

Please do not hesitate to contact us :
service@onsigen.com or call +421918180132


Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions about technical gases, about production of own Oxygen gas and Nitrogen gas direct at your place. With this advantage you will save money and increase productivity of your company.

Additional services:

  • installation and start-up of various brands of PSA generators
  • upgrade of existing control systems (offering customized solutions), remote control via smart phone


ONSIGEN service centre is available 24/7. Service portal gives our clients an online access to their systems.


ONSIGEN is represented in many countries and our service team can provide service intervention onsite.


Constructors and salespersons advise you in all of your questions on the topic of the technical gases.


ONSIGEN offers all products and components for the operation of our nitrogen and oxygen generators.



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